If you’re a first-time leasee, you may be wondering what happens at the end of your lease. Since you are essentially borrowing the vehicle, do you turn it in? Do you have the option to keep it? Don’t worry; the team here at Jay Hatfield Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM has put together a brief timeline to get you more acclimated to the lease-end process.

90 Days Prior to Expiration

When you are within 90 days of your lease expiring, you’ll want to start figuring out next steps. There are three options for the end of a lease: trade the vehicle in for a new one, buy the vehicle, or walk away from the lease altogether. Now is the time to ponder each option and figure out what your finances allow. Your vehicle will also need to be inspected for excessive wear and damage, in which additional fees may be charged.

60 Days Prior to Expiration

At the 60-day mark, you should begin researching what vehicles interest you should you want to continue the lease with a new model. Begin with research online and then visit our Dodge dealership in Frontenac, KS to begin going out on test drives in the various vehicles on your wish list.

30 Days Prior to Expiration

Once you have just 30 days left on the lease, you should have a wish list narrowed down to one or two vehicles. This will make things much easier when test driving them for the final time and talking to the sales team about your lease. If you decide to turn your vehicle in, be sure to clean out the interior and trunk to prepare it for inspection.

Is your vehicle lease about to expire? If so, it’s time to visit Jay Hatfield Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM to take a RAM truck or Dodge car for a test drive. We are conveniently located at 1021 N. Highway 69.